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Transition Part I: Clarity of Mind and Duality

As the days go by at Eco Truly Park on the desert coast of Peru, I sink into a space of simplicity and pattern. I have the time to look deeply into the small elements that make up the plants, animals, and humans, while also taking an occasional step back to see them as a whole single unit. For example, one day as I was learning to make an Ojo De Dios (pictured on the left) I began to unconsciously assign different elements of the community to the different colors of yarn. As the humans wove in and out of the other worldly components, I felt a strong sense of harmony on a macro level, but as my mind wandered towards a more immediate reality, I felt friction and discord at the micro level. Our species has caused an enormous amount of harm to the planet we live on and to our fellow inhabitants, but if you zoom out and take a look at the whole picture, it can be compared to the (dis)harmony you might see through a microscope as the cells in your body fight one another for the good of the whole. This does not mean I condone the negative actions of mankind, but I choose to take a positive dualistic viewpoint and value both sides of every coin as well as the beauty of the whole coin bag. As I continue on to another part of Peru I hope to retain some of the daily practices of Eco Truly Park and maintain the sense of space and compassion it instilled in me.


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