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Peru: Downsizing Materials and Upsizing Experience

Space is one of the most important and defining elements of an artistic practice. During the months after my art school graduation, my creative production was confined to a small portion of my apartments living room. This did not seem like a positive nor a negative shift, but one that nonetheless had a definite affect on my work.

Now, as I prepare for a few months of travel, I find myself thinking about my limited options regarding storage and materials, but also the immense amount of space that will be at the disposal of my curiosity. I look forward to filling notebooks with observations of plant life, human interaction, art institutions, and traditional practices. Instead of saving my creativity for a physical piece, I would like to channel this energy into my everyday life. I believe this period of disbursement will benefit my practice later on by ingraining a connection between my intuition and my conceptual sensibilities. After two months of general wandering I will be able to wrap up my time in Peru with an artist residency in the high jungle. I look forward to this time to reflect and create.


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