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Micro To Macro: Perspective Is Key

My post-college art career has not been quite as romantic as I had envisioned while still in school. I see an endless sea of opportunity around me, but most of the time it seems just out of reach. I find myself ecstatic about personal discoveries on a regular basis but down and out when I attempt to communicate and display these findings in society. However, no matter how hopeless personal and global societal situations seem, I am always grounded and uplifted (at the same time!) when I consider both the smallest and largest elements of this universe. When I feel like I am not having any impact on my surroundings I can meditate on the way one ripple in a body of water is integral to the motion of the whole. When I feel like one small action has set my whole life into a downward spiral I can meditate on the rotation of our entire planet as a tiny movement in the universe at large. These macro and micro perspective shifts bring my attention back to the present moment and provide a scale on which I can place the events and elements of my life, keeping a balance between independent self worth and collective consciousness.



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