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Let the Work Find its Context

The show was over. I was exhausted, ecstatic, hopeful, and satisfied. I had blinders on and gazed toward the finish line (my bed). I had used every ounce of energy in my body and mind and was not able to look up and see opportunities. Thankfully, there was someone there who still had peripheral vision and an eye for perfection.

We had painted the first coat of white over my sculpting clay gray walls, and did not expect magic to come from the cleaning process. But there it was, floating serenely against the textured wall. At that moment it took me by surprise, but looking back now, I can recognize it for a classic occurrence of natural progression. The best things tend to appear when you least expect.

For me, this photograph captures the concept of art as a life force in and of itself. I was merely a part of what it took for this moment to occur. It calls attention to the beauty of natural coincidence and collaboration with the current moment.


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