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Fluidity and Expansion Abroad

It has only been five days since our arrival in Lima, Peru and already we have been graced with a phenomenal creative opportunity. Our host happens to be a wildly bright artist with a drive to bring her paintings to life. By helping her to achieve this dream, my sister and I were able to participate in a very different kind of artistic production. Blending painting, photography, and a wide range of conceptual influences, we all had a unique experience during the creation of this photograph. This work gives me a sense of excitement and eagerness for what else might be presented in the coming weeks. It is a lesson in trust and going into the unknown with only the desire to create. I had my doubts about what this trip would hold for me artistically, but I am already coming to realize that the right circumstances will present themselves as long as I remain vigilant in my curiosity and positive about the work I am doing no matter how small or insignificant it may seem from the outside.


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