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Biomimicry: Ultimate Solutions Hiding in Plain Sight

Updated: Oct 14, 2017

Reading, listening to lectures, and learning about current science/technologies are some of the things that keep me excited and curious about being a human. As an artist, I depend on these sources of inspiration to guide me in making work. Instead of telling you what I know directly, I attempt to create an object or environment that leads you to think about certain questions that have the power to move you. By doing this, I am trying to allow you to come to your own conclusions based on the evidence and personal experience that I present. I have found that the things that interest me the most have common veins of mystery, spirituality, and cutting edge technology. Thanks to this amazing age of widespread access to knowledge, I am able to take a proverbial step back and see that all my seemingly disparate areas of interest stem from one undercurrent: the conviction that humans are at once a microscopic part of the universe and also a central wave of cosmic expression.

This dichotomy is thrilling to explore but has sinister undertones when looking at the current situation of our species. We have the potential to be big players in the universe but first we have to make things right among ourselves. In order to continue living on this earth and reveling in the mystery of it all, we need to realize that we are a part of this place in the same way that our fingers are a part of our body. To continue with this analogy, we must follow the nerve endings to our brain in order to find out how our fingers function. It is obvious to me that this planet is our collective "brain", and in order to function properly we need to be in harmony with our brains processes. This is where Biomimicry comes in. We have spent decades and centuries striving to create superior designs for living while ignoring the time tested systems that have been fine-tuned and perfected over billions of years by the earth itself. Finally, we have begun to realize that the best place to look for inspiration is right under our feet. This does not, in any way, mean we have to go back to "primitive" lifestyles. It means that we need to look at natural processes in order to design new technologies that are sustainable, efficient, and beautiful. Find out about this amazing movement and get involved here:


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